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Slips, trips and falls

Slips, trips, and falls (STF) are the primary source of workplace injuries.

The number of these accidents is still high – despite measures set out by legislative requirements, best practices guidelines, and organisational policies to prevent STF accidents across industries like: maritime, offshore installations, construction sites, water treatment plants etc.

One of the most critical factors affecting STF is the slipperiness of the handrails, guardrails, walkways, decks, stairs, and surface of ladders.¹

Research has shown that by implementing a Risk Management Option such as Real Safety’s KAG safety rails, anti-slip walkways or anti-slip solutions on stairs and ladders, the probability of STFs in a potential slip event is reduced from 10 % to 0.1 %. Indeed, a Danish offshore wind company reduced the number of STF accidents from 12 accidents with negligible consequences to 0 accidents after installing our anti-slip solutions. In another case, a Danish-flagged ship reduced the number of STF accidents from 3 to 0. ¹

¹ Master Thesis: Reducing Slips, Trips, and Falls in the Maritime Industry and Offshore Installations – Best Practice. Author: Tanja Rasmussen, Master of Risk and Safety Management, Aalborg University. 2021.

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Slip, trip and falls Risk Areas:

Escape routesDrill FloorsWalkways Stairs Dropped objects

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