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Custom-made modular system

Our FRP Cable Trays and non corrosive ladders is a custom-made modular system. It is especially developed as a mechanical support for cables and tubing.

We can supply our cable tray solution and non corrosive ladders in various shapes and sizes depending on the project. Typically, cable ladders and cubing and tubing covers are used in industrial spaces or in the basements etc, which are not public areas. They are especially suited for electrical, instrumentation and telecommunications cables. Cubing and tubing covers can also be provided specifically to protect cabling against UV rays, water etc.

Whereas traditionally, materials like concrete, steel, aluminium and timber have only one strength, FRP Profiles have several advantages. As a result, it is a very cost-effective solution. In many cases, FRP Profiles can also replace steel as a non-corrosive, yet structurally sound, construction material.

Installation of FRP Cable trays and ladders

Always observe common safety practices when putting together tray and fittings in the field. Furthermore, personnel should wear both safety goggles, dust masks and overalls or a shop coat when sawing, machining and/or sanding. We do not recommend the use of lubricant during machining.
We recommend the use of sealant for sealing surfaces and cut edges after field cuts are made. When using adhesives, be sure to prepare the surface properly first. Follow label instructions carefully. A combination of mechanical fasteners and adhesives make connections strong and reliable. Please see our full guide for more information.

Warning – Cable Tray solution:

Do not use as walkway, ladder or support for personnel. Only use as a mechanical support for cable and tubin

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