FRP Gratings

FRP Gratings

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Ideal alternative to conventional steel grates

FRP gratings are as strong as conventional steel grates. They are available with an efficient non-slip surface, which gives you an excellent reason to change your steel grates eventually.

The fiberglass non-slip properties make them an ideal alternative to steel grates in construction:

  • Slip safe fiber gratings are extremely light. In fact, they only weigh about 1/3 of a steel grate
  • Strength-wise they can be compared 1:1 to a steel grate at the same height
  • Slip safe fiber gratings can also be cut on site
  • Slip safe even when wet from e.g. water, oil, or similar
  • Safety gratings are also comfortable to stand on and therefore an ideal grating for i.e. walkways
  • The products are chemical-resistant and durable
  • The lifetime of a fiber safety grating is much longer than i.e. a steel grate (no corrosion)
  • Can be ordered with a yellow ‘nose’ in order to improve their visual safety.
  • Ideal grating for e.g. walkways

Finally, Real´s fiberglass gratings are the only ones on the market to be both certified and produced in the EU.

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