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Effective tool for catching small items

Eliminating the risk of small items falling from height is so important as these items can be the cause of serious accidents – or worse! Our Real Safe Funnel is designed to collect and pick up the small items dropped during maintenance or service work at height – i.e. small nuts and bolts, tools, helmets etc.

The small objects safe funnel is shaped in a way so it’s not in the way of personnel working at height.

Additional benefits include:

  • Flexible and sturdy
  • Low weight
  • Can be installed onto hot items
  • Designed to withstand even bad weather

The safety funnel for small items is available in two sizes.

The base material of the safe funnel consists of 8 – 9 micron E fiberglass wires reinforced with steel wires. The small items safety funnel is inorganic, sterile, refractory but also completely asbestos-free. Furthermore, the small objects safe funnel contains no toxins or heavy metals and will not cause skin irritation. CAMAC coating is an incredibly durable coating, especially intended for extreme conditions, i.e. as insulation and covers for offshore.

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Falling objects funnel catcher
Object catcher funnel under valve
Real funnel safety for falling items