Bumpers protect your head

Have you ever bumped your car door into a wall? Have you ever bruised yourself by bumping into a table’s sharp edge? Or worse, have you ever walked into a low ceiling’s sharp edge? Do you or your employees work in a warehouse filled with shelves?

If you/they have not yet hurt themselves leaning under low sitting, sharp shelves, sooner or later you/they will. Just like that, all the other above mentioned scenarios can also happen to anyone at any time. Install safety bumpers on all potentially dangerous sharp edges, corners, surfaces, slippery handrails, and make sure that none of these accidents can happen to YOU or your personnel.

Wide variety of bumpers

Real Safety’s effective head protection both warns by high visibility and shields heads from injuries by absorbing shocks on impact.

We have several different types of edge-, corner-, surface- and pipe bumpers available. They are all self-adhesive and provide long lasting body- and head protection for any potential impact hazard.

Safety awareness is top of mind – don’t jeopardize it with your head. Read more about how you can protect your personnel’s heads with our safety bumpers.

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