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    Dropsafe Barrier

  • Dropsafe Barrier
  • Dropsafe Barrier

    A proactive approach to eliminate items falling from height.

    The Dropsafe barrier is a simple, yet effective solution for prevention falling objects, such as tools, hard hats, two-way radios, mobile phones, water bottles etc. The robust and versatile modular barrier system is a break-through technology used onshore and offshore, to protect the personnel from this underestimated hazard.

    The Dropsafe Barrier can easily be installed both as a permanent and temporary solution. It consists of impact and heat-resistant panels, inspired by nature with small honeycomb apertures. This solution is the perfect addition to walkways, stairways, scaffolding, wind turbine nacelle, or other installations, where the hazard occur.

    The Dropsafe barrier is tested and certified by third party. It withstands harsh working environment and is fully recyclable, just to name few of its core values. Furthermore, in case of extreme fire situation, the UL94-V0 test promises, that the Barrier will not be the source of further complications. The Dropsafe Barrier is a promise to close the gap in human error and provides a high-volume contribution to prevent one of the main reasons of LTI (Lost Time Injury) in heavy work environments.


    • Instant safety solution compliant with relevant standards
    • Fast & easy installation with minimal tools
    • Fully tested & certified
    • Closes gap in human error
    • Fully recyclable
    • Achieved ABS DOPP+ Type Approval


    • High impact resistance
    • Small mesh aperture
    • Designed for high winds
    • Suitable for harsh environments

    Case Studies

    Everyday examples of how Dropsafe Barrier has actually prevented accidents.

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