• How to Secure Marine Decks

  • How to Secure Marine Decks

Why should ship decks be secured?

As we all know, vessels are constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions and various liquids such as water, oil, grease etc. These are all liquids that make the surface of decks slippery and therefore dangerous to work, walk or stand on.

In order to reduce the amount of accidents and the cost of them, we recommend mounting anti-slip glassfibre sheets on the areas where walking or work is done. This will benefit both, the employees and the employer.

Steel plate or checker plate

For mounting on a metal surface, we recommend a good mounting adhesive (Tec7). Simply apply a stripe of 5 cm from the edge all the way around the backside of the profile and add a diagonal cross.

Wooden decks

When mounting on a wooden deck, use countersunk screws with an individual distance of 20-30 cm in between.

Metal gratings

If the area in question is worn by metal gratings our slip proof profiles are mounted with our special mounting clip set, which pulls down the profile from underneath with an A4 countersunk bolt.

Avoid accidents at work

Slippery surfaces are a hazard to work or walk on and slip and fall accidents can cause even bigger headaches on ships, so make sure that you secure areas that are dangerous in order to prevent them from happening.

Accidents are costly affairs and seem even worse when one knows that they could have been avoided by investing in proper anti-slip solutions. Don’t wait for them to happen, avoid accidents at work.

Read about our safety area Marine Decks.

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