• How to Secure Platforms

  • How to Secure Platforms
  • How to Secure Platforms

Why should I secure platforms?

Platforms are usually placed into areas that are exposed to various liquids like water, grease, oil etc. These fluids will quickly and easily make any surface slippery and that way also dangerous to walk or work on.

Furthermore, platforms are normally placed next to or near machines which means that people are standing on them for longer periods of time while working. This could quickly turn into an uncomfortable and painful experience depending on the material the platform is made of.

Real Safety's anti-slip profiles solve both problems. Our covers are equipped with a high-traction glass fibre surface which is not only non-slip, but also ergonomic. This makes standing for longer periods of time much easier and safer for the worker.

Existing platforms (plate or grating)

Preserving an existing platform with an easy but yet long term solution is laying a landing cover as an add-on profile upon the platform. A landing cover is simply a flat profile of 3 mm thickness with a nosing ensuring friction over the important angle. Same principle as at step cover, but on a larger scale. These landing covers are made to order in color and size of your choice with or without text/pictograms.

Mounting on a checker plate and adhesive mounting paste (Tec7) would be sufficient. Alternatively, the profile can be bolted using our special clip set. For noise reduction a small amount of adhesive paste works well.

Mounting on gratings - use our mounting clips set.

New platforms

Replacing the platform with a glass fiber grating is a popular choice both for economical and for safety reasons. The FRP grating is as strong as a metal grating and weighs only half the weight. This type of grating is flexible and provides for that reason a much better ergonomical comfort than a steel grating. A slip proof stone layer is embedded in the surface of the FRP grating which makes it permanently anti-slip – also when wet! Choose between many different mask sizes (MESH) or a order your grating with a closed surface. Our FRP gratings are available with at yellow anti-slip ‘nosing’ around the 90 degrees angle.

Legs for leveling in a height of your choice (up to 800mm) are mounted directly to the bottom of the grating.

Stairway platforms

For making a platform between two staircases slip safe, we recommend to lay a landing cover, which is a 3 mm thick glass fiber profile with embedded silica stones and a downward angled nose. A flat profile without nosing would be another option. Mounting should be done with clips or adhesives depending on the substrate. See specifics above.

Anti-slip platforms prevent slips and falls

As mentioned above, there are multiple ways of securing various platforms depending on the materials they are made of, the texture of the subtrates or the shape/location of the areas. Both, gratings, flat platforms or staircase landings can be easily slip proofed with our anti-slip profiles.

No matter what size, color or shape covers you need, we can help you without a doubt. So, make your platforms ergonomic, safe to work on and prevent slips and falls from happening at your workplace.

Read about our saftey area Platforms.

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