• How to Secure Stairs

  • How to Secure Stairs
  • How to Secure Stairs

Why should I secure my stairs?

Stairs – wet or not – are one of the main areas where slip and fall accidents happen at the workplace. These should be every company’s primary concern when thinking about the safety optimization of the work environment.

People constantly run up and down on stairs no matter what type of work they do and where. Unsecured stairs can be a hazard, especially when wet. Make sure you secure your staircases before a costly accident could happen either at home or at your workplace.

Concrete stairs and steel stairs (Checker plate)

On steps with a hard and massive surface like steel and concrete we recommend step covers mounted with countersunk screws. For noise reduction and additional binding use a good mounting adhesive (optional). We recommend Tec-7 for this particular purpose.

Stairs of metal grating or perforated plate

These stairs are also best secured with a step cover. For mounting use our special clips set in A4 steel consisting of bolt, nut, washer and clip, which tightens the profile to the grating or plate.

Wooden stairs

Outdoor wooden stairs are particularly vulnerable to algae and other organic deposits making the surface greasy and very slippery – especially when wet. Therefore, we have good experience in screwing step covers directly in the wood.

Stairs with tiles

A smooth tile staircase can be perfectly slip proof by adding our step covers. To preserve the tiles from drilling holes an adhesive mounting paste (Tec7) will be sufficient.

Indoor stairs (office or domestic)

To turn the indoor stairs with less to moderate traffic into a safer area, an anti-slip tape on the nose of every step is a good and inexpensive solution.

Alternatively mounting a step cover could be a better and long lasting solution when the stairs are exposed to moderate to busy traffic or simply if outdoor- or safety-shoes are commonly used. The step cover can be mounted with screws or adhesive mounting paste depending on the surface.

We are experts in preventing accidents on stairs

Real Safety has a wide range of products for slip proofing any and every kind of surface and so, stairs as well. Our glass fiber anti-slip step covers are designed in a way that fits all stairs no matter the material, size or shape. We have standard sized covers that fit most steps, but we are also happy to oblige in case you have special requests.

Our anti-slip step covers come in various shapes, sizes and colors with or without text/pictogram and can easily be cut to size or manufactured in a way that fulfills all your requirements.

Moreover, we have several different traction grades to choose from based on where the stairs in question are located and how much use they need to endure. We are experts, so we have thought of everything. The only thing you need to do is make a conscious decision to secure your indoor/outdoor steps and we will help you start preventing accidents from happening.

Read about the safety area Stairs.

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