• How to Secure Wooden Surfaces

  • How to Secure Wooden Surfaces
  • How to Secure Wooden Surfaces

Why should I secure wooden surfaces?

Wood is a soft, porous, natural material that is often exposed to varying weather conditions. However, in this case, rain does not only make the surface wet, but also helps the forming of algae and other natural fenomena. The presence of those combined with a wet substrate is a hazard to walk/work on in both, private and business settings.

Slipping and falling accidents can be very dangerous and costly. Luckily, you can easily prevent them from happening by securing your wooden surfaces. See just how simple it is below.

Wooden patios and verandas

Based on our experience, screwing our profiles on each wooden plank 1-2 cm narrower than the plank width creates a safe walkway with a life span longer than the wood underneath.

If the planks are narrow (up to 8 cm wide) we recommend mounting our anti-slip profiles on every second plank to keep the distance between the safe friction profiles under 20 cm. This way you always have safe ground under your feet.

Our profiles are made to order in a RAL color of your choice to match the underlying wood and its surroundings.

Prevent falls with anti-slip covers

As explained above, there are several different ways to secure wooden surfaces while still ensuring a natural looking result. Choose the right solution for you from the items below, mount it and make sure that no accidents can ever happen in your backyard.

Read about our safety area Wooden Surfaces.

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