Tyra West – Mærsk Oil and Gas

Real’s anti slip profiles allow us to upgrade the security without replacing the existing steps. We did also use the opportunity to get embedded text in the profiles. Where Real’s anti slip profiles are mounted, there are used “USE HANDRAIL” text at the bottom and top steps of all of our stairs at Tyra West.”
Carlos Castillo, Deckassistant at Tyra West

Benteler Aluminium, Denmark

Staircases, walkways and working areas have been secured with Real Safety’s anti slip solutions.
“We are very pleased with the anti slip solutions. The working areas by the robots and machines are oily and slippery, these areas are now secured and the employees are now able to stand firm.”
Helle Sønnichsen, Working Environment Leader at Benteler Aluminium Systems A/S

AarhusKarlshamn, Denmark

By mounting Real Safety’s anti slip solution at our staircases, we have reduced the risk of slip and fall accidents.
On the top and bottom steps, we have used the possibility to get embedded text in the profile: “USE HANDRAIL”.
When we chose the solution, it was important for us, that mounting of the steps wouldn’t interfere with the production.”
Lars Rise, Production Engineer at Aarhus Karlshamn

Djurs Sommerland

“We have tried lots of differents solutions, but Real Safetys anti slip profiles are the only solution that actually works.”
Palle, Maintanance, Djurs Sommerland

Billund Airport

“In the passageways to and from the planes, Billund Airport has experienced slip and fall accidents. The solution to this issue is Real Safety’s anti slip profiles.

The airport did also use the opportunity to get embedded text, risk marks and pictograms in the profiles. From now on, the passengers will meet an anti slip step on the staircases with the text: “USE HANDRAIL”.

Arla Foods, Holstebro

“As a test the anti slip solution was installed on a few platforms in one of our packing plants. The experience and result was very positive. Now we have mounted the anti slip solution in similar places in the rest of the dairy plant. We fully expect that with this approach can reduce the number of slip and falls.”
Bjarne Thyrrestrup, manager at Holstebro Dairy

Holiday Cottage

“We have a wooden terrace around our holiday cottage. This wooden terrace became, because of algae and rain, like a slippery slope.

Therefor we have mounted Real Safety’s anti slip profiles on our wooden terrace and the wooden steps. We are very excited about this solution. Now we are able to walk safely and able to see the edges of the stairs.”

Olaf Söderblom, owner of the holiday cottage

Vedbæk School

“The wooden lane and steps are often very slippery. We have solved this issue by mounting Real Safety’s anti slip profiles on them.

The profiles on the lane are in lots of different colors, which fit the different tasks to be solved when using the lane.

It is very important for us, to keep the lane a safe place to play. In this case, Real Safety’s profiles were the perfect solution for that.”

Pia Björnsson, deputy head at Vedbæk School

Satisfied since 2005

Real Safety was founded in 2005. Since then, we have delivered anti-slip solutions to countless satisfied customers and their number has been growing with us ever since.

Now, we selected a few of our previous clients to tell you about the service they received in order to paint a cohesive picture to you about the way we work and the various anti-slip solutions we can deliver.

The testimonials above come from companies that have trusted us throughout the years and became regular customers. We are experts in anti-slip safety and they know that. Do you?

If you need help, advice or smiply information feel free to contact us on +45 26 11 44 66 or via realsap@realsap.com. We are happy to be of service!

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