Stair Treads

Stair treads are a strong and safe lightweight alternative to the old-fashioned steel steps. There are many benefits associated with choosing fiberglass grating steps, rather than a steel version:

• They are 100% maintenance free.
• They can be cut to size “on location” without damaging the surface – no rust
• Fiberglass gratings weigh roughly a third of a steel step
• They are flexible and quickly recover from bumps and blows
• They are ergonomic to walk and stand on
• The steps are of course supplied with the well-known Real Safety anti-slip surface
• Available with yellow anti-slip step nose embedded in the stair tread and therefore easy to see

For stairs that are exposed to either oil, water, ice, grease or chemicals, this fiberglass step is an optimal solution for both indoor and outdoor use. Real Safety sells fiberglass stair treads in two different mesh sizes (MESH), and two different lengths and widths.

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