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Step covers are one of our very popular products. A step cover secures a staircase exactly where the accident happens – namely on the edge of the step. Therefore, the friction must always be carried through to the ‘nose’ to work effectively.

The profiles are made of high-quality glass fibre here in Europe. Therefore, you know that the product has a high standard and durability. We have encapsulated silicon carbide stones in the surface of the glass fibre. These provide optimum friction.

We can provide these stair covers in a solid colour or in a combination of two colours – typically black with yellow “nose” – and in various widths and depths.

We can print text, pictograms or logos on the step as desired. Just add the “Print” type you want to your basket and write your text in the comment section at checkout.

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Depth x Length

150 mm x 450 mm, 150 mm x 600 mm, 150 mm x 750 mm, 150 mm x 900 mm, 150 mm x 1200 mm, 225 mm x 450 mm, 225 mm x 600 mm, 225 mm x 750 mm, 225 mm x 900 mm, 225 mm x 1200 mm, 300 mm x 450 mm, 300 mm x 600 mm, 300 mm x 750 mm, 300 mm x 900 mm, 300 mm x 1200 mm


Black with yellow nosing, Yellow, Blue with yellow nosing

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