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    Drill Floor Mats

  • Drill Floor Mats
  • Drill Floor Mats
  • Drill Floor Mats

REAL Drill Floor Mats – The Ideal Choice

REAL Drill Floor Mats are extremely resistant and guarantee perfect slip protection. It’s designed to drain drilling fluids away from the work area, so friction and non-slip can be optimized.

The rig floor areas like Rotary Table, Setback pipe rack, Monkey Board, walkways, and workshops can all be protected. Our mats are recommended in different thicknesses from ¾” to 1 ½”. All with anti-slip surface and integrated drainage for a slip-resistant surface. It is one of the most durable drill floor mats on the market – it can withstand extreme loads and it can last for many years.

Heavy Duty Material

The mats are manufactured using heavy duty polyurethane elastomer. A rubber type which resist most chemicals and are durable to high impact from heavy loads and equipment. Its formulated with fire retardant and grit stones are embedded in the surface.

The mat has an extremely strong surface that provides maximum friction, ensuring solid anti-slip protection. In addition, the mat is designed with drainage channels that drain mud and other drilling fluids away, which help keep the surface clean and tidy.

REAL Rig Floor Mats is much more comfortable ergonomically and at the same time very slip-resistant.

The mat is always made to custom size.

Cleaning the drill floor mat

The mat is designed in a way that prevents unnecessary dirt build-up, and the drain channel will lead the fluids to the drains. The mat is very easy to clean. It is designed in a way that makes it easy to reach all surfaces. It can easily be high pressure- or steam cleaned without causing any damage to the mat.

Please our drill floor mat brochure and datasheet for more information. 

Extremely solid and resistant anti-slip mat

The mat is several centimeters thick, and is both tough and steadfast. The surface is rough, which contributes to a perfect slip protection. The mat is even pleasant to stand on. It ensures comfort for the employees who will spend many hours on it, which we consider to be very important. This way, it also helps prevent back injuries and the like.

Any questions?

We love our work, which has the positive consequence that we can not help but seek out a lot of knowledge of our field. Therefore, we are extremely knowledgeable about anti-slip solutions, including drill floor mats.

If you have any questions regarding our drill floor mats, please feel free to contact us by phone or email. You can catch us on +45 26 11 44 66 and realsap@realsap.com.

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