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Minimise the risk of falls using FRP Landing covers.

It is important to pay attention to the landings on stairs if you want to minimize the risk of falls.

Real Safety’s FRP landing covers are of high quality – with yellow “noses”, and they will ensure that there is increased visibility, safety and awareness in the area.

This happens automatically when you experience a different surface material with improved visibility because of the yellow signal colour. Additionally, you also have the option of adding a pictogram on the top step, for example: “Use handrail”.

FRP landing covers – key benefits:

  • They are easy to mount both on steel, wooden and concrete steps
  • Made of durable, high-quality glass fibre in Europe
  • We have encapsulated sharp silicon carbide stones into the surface of the glass fibre to provide optimum friction
  • Landing covers are available in a solid colour or in a combination of two colours. Typically black with a yellow “nose” alongside various widths and depths
  • We can print text, pictograms or logos on the covers as desired
  • We can modify anti slip stair mats and cut as required
  • 10 years warranty – with no maintenance

Installation and cleaning

Real Safety’s stair landing covers are not load bearing. The FRP landing covers are sold for installation over existing surfaces including Steel or Aluminium Plate, Diamond, Checkerplate, Grating, Wood, Tile and Concrete. You can install the Anti slip stair mats with mechanical fasteners (clips and screws), self drilling and / or using adhesive.

Regular cleaning keeps the Step Covers free of debris and looking new. Most household or industrial methods are suitable. Detergents and mild degreasers work well too. For stubborn deposits, use a stiff bristle brush. High pressure heated water (660 psi, as used in food processing plants) may be used in industrial environments.

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