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KAG: increased grip by up to 300%!

A safe grip equals a reduced risk of accidents and injuries, and it provides a safer environment, wherever it’s needed. The Kag handle is particularly beneficial in areas where you need extra support. That could e.g. be in wet rooms or indeed any area where there is increased risk of slipping.

The unique profile on KAG handles contours to the shape of a closed hand. This leads to a dramatic reduction in the risk of slip and fall injuries. Unlike smooth rails, KAG handles provide a real safe grip – whether it’s dry, wet or greasy.

KAG handle features:

  • Wide range of sizes and applications to suit all needs
  • Easy to install
  • Built to withstand tough conditions and demanding use
  • Rust resistant
  • Easy to clean, helping prevent the spread of bacteria

Proven to increase grip ability by up to 80% in wet conditions, up to 160% in dry conditions and up to 300%* in oily conditions compared to standard grab rails on the market.

*Independently tested by the Queensland University of Technology

KAG handles Certification and testing documentation:

Hospital handle with effective grip for safety
KAG handle railing with safety grip
handles in safety material