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Premier solution for preventing slips and falls.

Rig Safety Rotary Table Mats are especially designed for use during drilling operations. Indeed, many incidents can be avoided altogether by using our simple, yet durable drilling mats. Additionally, they are widely recognised as the premier solution for preventing slips and falls but also for increasing rig floor safety generally.

The anti slip mats for the Rotary Table area are custom made from heavy duty polyurethane to fit the exact type of the floor. Additionally, this special formulation material is chemical resistant, fire retardant and also absorb the impact from heavy compression. The anti slip mats are durable and extremely robust and furthermore, they offer a traction pattern that is molded into the surface of the mat alongside molded grooves. That helps with the drainage of drilling fluids.

Rig Safety Table Mats are perfect for Drill Floors and will withstand the heavy loads, chemicals and drilling muds. Mat is 1 ¼ (30mm) thick.

We offer:

  • Custom made mats to fit client specifications
  • A choice of colours to signal Red Zones and other areas
  • Drainage channels for excess fluids
  • Anti slip mat and rig matting boards solutions for maximum rig floor safety
  • Additional securing of monkey board drilling areas


Install the mats easily on site by following our easy to follow guide. Please contact us for more information.

Cleaning and maintenance:

When it becomes necessary to clean the mats, you can use any of the following methods:

  • Steam, if available
  • High pressure water
  • Non-flammable solvent which will remove oil and grease from mats, rig matting boards, monkey board drilling platforms etc.
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