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Premier solution for preventing slips and falls on drill floors

RIG Safety Mats for Setback areas have been designed for use during drilling operations and are widely recognised as the premier solution for preventing slips and falls.

The slip resistant setback mats are 100% solid polyurethane elastomer and made of a higher density polymer than our standard safety mats. As a result, this custom formulation offers extreme hydrolytic stability, anti-fungal properties and ultraviolet stability. The slip resistant platform mats resist the effects of invert and other corrosive drilling fluids.

Furthermore, fluid channels are molded directly into the design of the heavy duty safety mat in one direction. This facilitates drainage and provides extra traction. We have developed slip resistant platform mats to withstand not only the compression – but also the weight of drill pipes. Mat thickness is 1 ½” (40mm).


Install the nonskid mats easily on site by following our easy to follow guides. Please contact us for more information.

Cleaning and maintenance:

When it becomes necessary to clean the heavy duty safety mats, use any of the following methods:

  • Steam, if available
  • High pressure water
  • Non-flammable solvent which will remove oil and grease from nonskid mats, rig matting boards, anti slip mat roll etc.

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Safety mat with channels
Setback platform safety and anti slip mat
anti slip Setback safety mat
Setback mat anti slip texture