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FRP Stair Treads provide excellent anti-slip properties for an excellent grip.

Stairs are a high-risk area when it comes to slipping or falling. If there is the slightest risk of an accident happening on a staircase, we recommend that the steps are secured. Stairs that come into contact with either oil, water, ice, grease or chemicals should therefore always be anti-slip secured.

Stair treads made of Fiberglass are of extremely high quality and durability and we have encapsulated sharp silicon carbide stones into the surface of the glass fibre to provide optimum friction.

FRP treads have many advantages compared to similar materials:

  • Steps are 100% maintenance free and therefore has great ROI
  • Stair treads are as strong as steel grates
  • Low weight and corrosion free
  • Ergonomic to walk and stand on as they are flexible
  • You can cut steps on site without finishing of any kind
  • We can equip the covers with a yellow anti-slip stair ‘nose’ embedded into the step

Cutting and installation

Cutting your stair tread is simple and similar to working with wood, with some slight differences. Additionally, the non slip fiberglass stair tread is resistant to weather and chemicals, and therefore it does not need painting or additional coatings. However, if the panels are used in a highly corrosive environment, we recommend to edge seal the sides of the (if cut to size) with resin to firstly, cover the exposed glassfibre strands and secondly, to prevent possible areas of infiltration and corrosive attack of the stair tread covers.

For installation of non slip stair treads, appropriate fixing clips (a minimum of 4 per panel) should be used to hold down gratings.

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Grating safe steps
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