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Step Covers

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Step covers are one of our most popular products for upgrading step grip safety of stairs.

Stairs are a high-risk area especially when it comes to slipping or falling. It is therefore extremely important to effectively secure this area. A really cost-effective way to upgrade slippery stairs is to use Real Safety’s step covers. Firstly, the safety covers will slip proof the area. Secondly, and more importantly, the anti slip steps will prevent accidents from happening in the first place.

We design Step covers for easy installation and mounting onto existing steps. This is easily done all year round regardless of weather conditions.

FRP Step covers – key benefits:

  • They are easy to mount both on steel, wooden and concrete steps
  • Made of durable, high-quality glass fibre in Europe
  • We have encapsulated sharp silicon carbide stones into the surface of the glass fibre to provide the step grips with optimum friction
  • Products are available in a solid colour or in a combination of two colours. Typically black with a yellow “nose” alongside various widths and depths
  • We can print text, pictograms or logos on the step as desired
  • We can modify and cut as required
  • 10 years warranty – with no maintenance

We have delivered anti-slip solutions since 2005. Many of our for the anti slip step solutions are delivered to the offshore oil and gas and marine sectors along with other private and public sector clients.


Our step covers are pre-fabricated for quick and easy installation over existing substrates. These include concrete, metal, fiberglass, steel and composite grating, wood and tile. Depending on the base material and surface to be covered, mechanical fasteners, urethane adhesive, PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) and indeed tack-welding can be used. Furthermore, pre-drilling holes are available to aid in the process.

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