Tank Storage Magazine – Interview with Torben Farup

Tank Storage Magazine – Interview with Torben Farup

CEO of Real Safety, Torben Farup, discusses winning gold at the Global Tank Storage Awards and taking their technology into the tank storage sector

First featured in Tank Storage Magazine June / July 2023 – Volume 19 – Issue 03

At the 2023 Global Tank Storage Awards, gold was presented to Real Safety in the Safety Technology category for its anti-slip safety solutions. The judges said the winner was chosen due to it being an easy but necessary technology, even though it is not completely new. Slips, trips and falls are a leading issue in the tank storage sector, so Real Safety’s product is a must to ensure safety.

‘We have won awards in the past, but this award felt quite special because it was in a different industry. We attended StocExpo and the awards to see the sector and meet new people but we never expected to win! Being shortlisted was an achievement enough already,’ says Torben Farup, CEO at Real Safety.


‘Traditionally, coatings, sanding, and other safety products require lengthy installation. The areas where they are being installed need to be closed off, they require correct weather conditions to be installed outside, and over time can wear away,’ says Farup. Real Safety’s products are easy to install, requiring no areas to be closed off from working and can be installed in any weather.

One third of all incidents in the workplace are falls, making safety precautions a necessity. ‘Companies may be upfronting the cost on the equipment and protecting their staff, which is a priority, but in the long run, they are making a profit because accidents aren’t happening,’ says Farup. People are the biggest asset to companies and Real Safety’s solution means they no longer need to take time off to heal from injuries. Companies are making a profit by having a safe, accident-free, workforce. ‘Not only that, but companies don’t want to have reports of incidents that could be easily avoidable,’ says Farup.

Real Safety goes the extra mile. ‘We work directly with the companies and terminals to find out what they need from us and what can we do to help them,’ says Farup. Real Safety incorporates an idea called nudging into its technology. ‘We can add colours and signs to our equipment so workers can respond to those signals. Our brains all know red means stop, black and yellow means hazard, blue means an action, so by applying these colours and signs to our installations, we can actually aid in terminal safety procedures more effectively than other anti-slip technologies. We are nudging peoples brains on cues and signals they already recognise.’


‘We have our product in terminals in the Port of Antwerp and Rotterdam and we worked very closely on an installation in a terminal in the Port of Fujairah,’ explains Farup. Leading independent oil storage company, BPGIC based in Fujairah, UAE, wanted to prevent all types of personal incidents. The company sought out safe and sustainable slip prevention upgrades within its facilities. Real Safety faced new challenges on this installation due to the climate and location of the terminal. ‘Dust and sand can be very slippery on surfaces and in 40°C-50°C heat, different safety issues can occur,’ explained Farup.

After evaluation, Real Safety introduced anti-slip concepts for stairways and ladders with colour warnings and text embedded safety messages. ‘Working with BPGIC was a great experience for us and showed us how we should be working in partnership with companies. The people we worked with were innovative and ready to implement our product into each new phase of the development,’ says Farup.


‘We currently see no consistency in the sector when it comes to keeping people safe where they walk,’ says Farup. Real Safety is entering the sector with a new innovative and sustainable product with long term benefits for the company and staff alike.

Real Safety has recently launched a new product and is now installing safe walking paths on roofs, which can be made suitable for tank roofs. ‘We know slipping is bad, but falling from a height is far worse and we need to make this as safe as possible,’ says Farup. The new product is made from recycled material and a green solution for a roof-safe path. ‘We have one client for this already and are ready to begin on new projects in the sector and introduce this product.’

‘Right now, we are focused on gaining traction. Winning this award helps introduce us to the tank storage sector. We currently work in similar industries but are new to this one. We want companies to know what other options they have in terms of walkway safety,’ says Farup.

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