Risk Area
Drill Floors

Risk Area
Drill Floors

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Reduce the Risk of Accidents on Drill Floors.

The drill floor is the heart of any drilling rig and requires a maximum level of safety. Mud, oil, heavy equipment and harsh environments are all risks creating slippery flooring. As a result, the area requires good friction in order to avoid slip, trip and fall incidents.

Being one of the toughest places to work, the passive safety on a drill floor is very important. People working under these conditions are skilled and trained in taking risk and incident preventions. Nevertheless, these conditions make it hard to keep focus on all risks while working. This is where we come in to help with platform safety and preventing slippery flooring.

We offer:

  • Custom made, tailored mats to fit exact client specifications
  • A choice of colours to signal Red Zones and other areas to increase platform safety
  • Drainage channels for excess fluids
  • Anti-slip mat for maximum safety

Real Safety solutions

Real Safety solutions

Many incidents can be avoided by using our simple, yet durable anti slip floor mats.

Our drill floor mats are made from heavy duty polyurethane. This special formulation material is chemical resistant, fire retardant and it will absorb the impact from heavy compression. The anti slip floor mats are available in various types depending on the area, both for Rotary tables, Setback pipe racking, Walkways, Catwalks, Monkey Boards or for workshop areas.