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Customizable chain solution

The Dropsafe Barricade is a chain solution, designed to improve the health and safety of employees in high-risk work environments. Dropped objects barricades are designed for modular use. You can easily attach and detach the chain parts to fit the specific requirements. It it is both easy and quick to deploy.

The system serves as a dedicated obstacle seeing that it prevents employees entering danger zones. Furthermore, beside the chains, a non-trip base with attachable warning signs and waterproof reflective pouch can be integrated into the drop safe barricade. This can i.e. display workplace safety documentation.

Benefits of dropsafe barricade

  • Dropsafe barricade is an effective solution to firstly reinforce and secondly, to enhance onsite safety
  • Fast and easy with no tools required
  • Provides a safe barricade for i.e. stairs
  • Flexibel modular design

Features of safe chain barricades

  • Particularly good for harsh environments
  • Durable weatherproof and reflective document pouch
  • Attach DANGER & CAUTION signs to the drop safe barricade
  • Fully adjustable chain length

In 2020, we were approached by global leader in Dropped Object Prevention, Dropsafe. We are particularly happy to be the distributor of the entire product-portfolio in Denmark. We can also help with Dropsafe Barriers, Dropsafe Nets, Dropsafe Helideck Nets and lastly Dropsafe Pouches.

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