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Provide a clear, safe and fast exit in case of emergency.

Real Safe Escape route markers is the award-winning, effective FRP Floor marking solution for emergency exits and emergency escape routes for offshore, industrial and maritime environments.

Following specific feedback, we developed our Real Safe Escape Route Markers with our largest customer Total Energies. We had to find a solution that would replace the very costly and unsafe practice of painting escape routes onto gratings and walkways. The solution worked so well that this revolutionary product is now included in our clients’ Technical Standard Manual as the defined Best Practice method for marking escape routes to the point of evacuation. Finally, the solution also solves a true and important issue, which is poorly visible escape routes on offshore installations, which can lead to fatal emergency situations.


  • A visible, durable, anti-slip safe and cost-efficient solution
  • Custom-made sizes, optional colours and with or without arrows
  • We have encapsulated sharp silicon carbide stones into the surface of the glass fibre to provide optimum friction
  • Quick and easy installment
  • Each standard anti slip strip profile measures 1200 x 100 x 3,5 mm.
  • Guaranteed to guide and protect for at least 10 years


The anti slip Safe Escape strips with arrows indicating the direction of evacuation are very easy to fit on installations – all year round, and in all weather conditions using our specially designed clamps for gratings.

Read more about FRP Floor marking in our detailed case study about the Tyra development.

Video guide

Green Escape route markers
Escape routes installed on walkway
deck strip and route marker mounting tool
Escape route strips
Escape route strips close up
green escape markers measurement