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Cost-effective safety solution

A safe grip equals a reduced risk of accidents and injuries. Why not use the safest handrail available?

Increased grib by up to 300%*

The KAG safe grip handrail system is twisted instead of the normal smooth steel typically found on conventional handrails, giving you a perfect grip.

The twisted handrails offer a wide range of safety solutions, which can be applied in any environment. The unique “kagged” profile maximises hand grip on ladders, work platforms, is the perfect handrail for stairs, walkways, grab and shower rails. The patented twisted shape remains anti-slip even in wet or greasy conditions.

The KAG Safety Rail is really built to withstand tough conditions and demanding use. The innovative profile of our safe grip handrails provides up to 20% more strength – compared to a conventional round tube. As a result, the rails are produced with less material and a reduced weight. That gives you a cost-effective safety solution, which is easy to install – and perfect handrail for stairs, ladders etc.

*Independently tested by the Queensland University of Technology

Certification and testing documentation:

Yellow KAG handrail texture
KAG Handrails stairway railing
Safety grip handle and handrail