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Reduce the Risk of Falling from Ladders.

Working, climbing or staying on a ladder is risky business and calls for a high level of slip resistance on the rungs as the footing is concentrated on a very small area.

Therefore, it is extra important to make sure that these steps are not smooth and slippery. If you slip, there is also the height factor to take into consideration.

Whether it is free standing or fixed, you will also be affected by using one or two hands to support yourself, whether you wear something, stand still and work or use it as an access point.
Self-bearing or built-in ladders will both demand the support of at least one hand. You also need to think about monkey ladder safety. Therefore, rungs must have good friction and anti-slip protection is vital!

Here is a useful quick guide on safety from Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Video Guide

Real Safety solutions

Real Safety solutions

The majority of ladders have steel rungs. These can be round, square or diamond shape. Our anti-slip rung covers will fit directly on the steel by using strong PU based glue like Sika brand.

Check out our fixed anti slip ladder security covers by clicking below. You can also read more about monkey ladder safety and the rounded and rectangular fixed security covers we suggest, and why it is important to have anti slip ladder safety. We also have various friction grades to choose from when selecting a solution – based on the environment and intensity of use – and also taking into consideration whether they come into contact with water, oil or other material that will undoubtly make them more slippery.