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Ladder Rung Covers eliminate the problem of slippery ladder and improve safety.

Ladders are extremely important to secure. Many ladders are quite slippery, especially if the rungs are in contact with water, grease or other slippery organic materials. Falls from ladders can have an increased danger, depending on the height. A fall from several maters can be especially fatal.

Ladder rung profiles from Real Safety prevent both slips and falls. They can be mounted directly onto existing rungs – regardless of material or shape.

Our ladder non slip covers are made of quality Fiberglass with embedded silicon carbide stones. This makes the rungs almost indestructible and very slip resistant. Despite variations in appearance, we guarantee that the materials are always of the same high quality. We offer:

  • Channel, diamond and half round ladder rungs.
  • We have encapsulated sharp silicon carbide stones in the surface of the glass fibre to provide optimum friction
  • Slip resistant ladder rung profiles are available in many different colours
  • We can modify as required
  • Flexible and versatile solutions and range
  • Easy to install
  • 10 years warranty- no maintenance


Ladder Non slip covers are very quick and easy to install.
Our channel, diamond and half round ladder rungs are non-load bearing, and also designed for a quick and easy installation on existing ladder rungs. The only requirement for installation is a clean base. Slip resistant ladder rung covers are easily cut to size using orbital cutting equipment with a diamond blade. However, cutting should only be carried out outdoors, where there is dust extraction or suitable ventilation. Furthermore, appropriate protective equipment should be worn. Finally, use a jigsaw for trimming or for occasions where only a small amount of cutting is required.

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