Risk Area

Risk Area

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Reduce the Risk of Slip, Trip and Falls on Walkways.

Walkways are often large areas where there is a risk of horizontal slipping. We define corridors, hallways, lobbies, access roads, escape routes or other thoroughfares as typical walkways.

Do you pay attention to obstacles in front of you – also when carrying large objects?

Awareness is vital:

  • Congestion or simply other pedestrians
  • Obstacles in the way
  • Keeping a free sight whilst carrying goods

To ensure safe traffic on walkways, the physical conditions must be as safe as possible:

  • Good lighting
  • High friction on the floor
  • A smooth and clean surface

Slip and trip accidents can be costly, but Real Safety can help you to make these areas – i.e. marine decks or other walkways, as visible and slip-proof as possible.

Real Safety solutions

Real Safety solutions

  • Our solution is ready to use and will retrofit onto existing surfaces.

  • Can be installed in all weather conditions – all year round on for example marine decks or any area which will benefit from an anti slip walkway product.
  • We use colours, text and/or pictograms to increase the visual safety.
  • Important signs can be incorporated into the anti slip walkway product. Often, warnings or instructions on walls are easily overlooked. However, people usually look where they go, and the messages can therefore effectively be printed on the floor with a non-slip coating either as pictogram or text. I.e. on anti slip sheets for ramps or similar.