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Reduce the risk of accidents on slippery surfaces using our Walkway Covers.

Using FRP Walkway Covers from Real Safety is a fast, easy and effective solution to avoid slip, trip and fall accidents in areas that become slippery when wet from water, oil or grease.

Install the non slip walkway material onto any surface that will benefit from being slip-proof. They are typically mounted onto bridges and walkways, tearplates and exterior wooden surfaces and is the perfect walkway wire cover.

High quality

Our strong and durable non slip walkway material is made from high-quality glass fibre, with silicon carbide stone fragments encapsulated into the surface of the Fiberglass. This guarantees optimal friction in all conditions.

Anti slip walkway tiles can be produced in optional RAL colours. Similarly, we can embed pictograms and/or text into the anti slip walkway tiles. This allows you to imbed safety messages and important warnings or instructions into our flooring solutions. It makes the anti-slip mat more visible than safety messages hanging on the wall.

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