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FRP Gratings is the ideal alternative to conventional steel grates.

Fiber gratings can easily be mounted in various locations. The most obvious places to mount the Fiberglass non slip grating are: Stairs, as walkway gratings, on landings, ship decks, bridges, production lines, chemical rooms, helidecks as well as any other places using grating flooring, where galvanized steel grates have most often been used.

Real Safety´s fiberglass gratings are the only ones on the market to be certified and produced in the EU. Due to this particular certification, they are also approved for use on Offshore Units and for the specific Classification of Steel Ships, where fire criteria is extremely tough.

Fiberglass non slip grating is available with an efficient non-slip surface. That makes them an ideal alternative to normal steel grates – and a perfect walkway grating option.

Properties of FRP Gratings:

  • Extremely light – about 1/3 of the weight of a steel grate
  • As strong as normal steel grates
  • Easily cut on site
  • Slip safe, even in very slippery conditions
  • Ergonomically correct and comfortable to stand on
  • Chemical-resistant and durable
  • They are not electrically conductive
  • Long lifetime and no corrosion
  • Available with a yellow ‘nose’ which improves visual safety

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