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Perfect anti-slip indoor and outdoor stair tread solution

Unfortunately, too many accidents happen on stairs. Outdoor stairs are particularly exposed and potentially dangerous. Just a few drops of water is enough for steps to become extremely slippery. In winter, there is also the risk of ice on steps, and that is obviously dangerous as well.

We have the perfect indoor and outdoor stair tread solution for steps exposed to oil, water, ice, grease or even chemicals – to reduce the risk of accidents.

The slip proof frp stair treads can be supplied in two different mesh sizes depending on the requirements, and to minimize the risk of dropping small elements through the mesh. Our safe stair treads also come in two different lengths and widths.

Our fiberglass safe stair treads are of extremely high quality and durability. They have silicon carbide stone fragments encapsulated into the surface of the fiberglass to provide optimum friction, and are made in Europe.

FRP stair treads have many advantages compared to similar materials:

  • Steps are 100% maintenance free and therefore has great ROI
  • Slip proof stair treads are as strong as steel grates
  • Low weight and corrosion free
  • Ergonomic to walk and stand on as they are flexible
  • You can cut steps on site without finishing of any kind
  • We can equip the covers with a yellow anti-slip stair ‘nose’ embedded into the step

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