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Risk Area

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Handrails prevent people from falling over the edge of a platform or staircase.

If you do not have a safe grip on a handrail, it can have serious consequences. This applies regardless of the situation, from offshore oil and gas, marine, energy, medical and construction industry – to stairs generally. There’s always a risk of falling if your grip fails.

The KAG Handrail is the safest handrail in the world!

It’s completely unique and offers a second-to-none, safe grip in any environment – and the perfect handrail for worksites.

The “kagged” profile maximises hand grip on ladders, work platforms, stairs, walkways, grab and shower rails in all conditions, reducing the risk of slips.

The unique handrail is proven to increase grip ability by up to 300% compared to conventional smooth rails. A better grip equals reduced risk of accidents and injuries, and it provides a hand grip safety environment wherever it’s needed.

Real Safety is the European distributor of KAG Safety Rails and we facilitate fabrication machines for ease of distribution all over Europe.

Certification and testing documentation:

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Real Safety solutions

Real Safety solutions

Wherever hand grip safety is essential, KAG can be used – including:

  • Hospitals and healthcare
  • Energy Industry
  • Perfect handrail for worksites
  • Food, Pharma and other manufacturing industries